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Food People is the region’s first and only Food & Beverage specific talent specialist.

But we don’t stop at that.


Our unparalleled industry expertise and international networks allow us to deliver strategic, people-centric solutions that enhance teams and businesses. From globally-recognised multi-nationals to regional start-ups and SME’s, we partner with organisations from farm to fork.


By connecting great talent, key leaders, and respected organistions in the Food & Beverage industry, we create a collaborative culture that nurtures invaluable insight and real relationships. Moving forward, our aim is to continue building bridges in the industry to play a small part in the future of food.

Food People are food people.


We’re passionate about sharing our unparalleled expertise and love for the F&B industry to deliver results that truly make a difference.


With our holistic experience, we approach everything we do with a personal touch. We believe in complete transparency to build trust and mutual respect with our partners, forming true relationships that stand the test of time.


Whether it’s filling a job vacancy or optimising your business for growth, we understand that every business is unique. There are no cookie-cutter approaches in Food People - we work in close collaboration with you to provide people-centric solutions, completely tailored for your business.

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Continually evolving our industry experience, we invest in cultivating our networks to gain the most valuable insight so that we can bring fresh knowledge and expertise to the table every single time.


We realise that attracting and retaining talent is about more than just experience. It’s also about finding the right fit for your organisation’s culture.


That’s why we work on the ground, visiting your factories and outlets, to get a true sense of your operations, vision, and values.