Food People are the regions first and only food and beverage specific talent solutions business, based in Dubai. We partner with organisations, from farm to fork, to support in connecting great talent with respected businesses across the region. Food People was created as a niche business that enables the creation of true partnerships where the approach is tailored and consultative. We also take pride in connecting food & beverage organisations with the aim of optimising the supply chain, increasing our value add.

Food People have extensive experience in the Middle East with an unrivalled, International network that is specific to the industry. Our cultural understanding is unparallel and we have a real appreciation for diverse backgrounds and how they interact within different working environments. As the Middle Eastern market develops we increase our awareness of local talent, whilst cultivating international candidates that will relocate to satisfy the demands of cutting edge technology or trends from more developed markets.

Our long term objective is to play a pivotal role in the food and beverage industry, spearheading insight and building a more collaborative landscape that can learn and develop from each other. We have the ambition to build bridges between the food industry and academic institutes across the region that will not only encourage coaching and development for today’s youth but also play a small part in the future of food.

Raising capability from farm to fork.

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